Style of Bathroom Faucet

bathroom faucet

A new bathroom faucet instantly refreshes your space with updated style and functionality. With so many designs available today ranging from modern to traditional, selecting a faucet involves more than just finish. 

  • Assess existing decor and target areas to upgrade
  • Compare widespread, centerset, wall-mount or vessel faucet forms
  • Decide on handle style and consider specialized features
  • Browse an extensive range of metal finishes to match décor

Replacing an outdated, leaky bathroom faucet dramatically improves both appearance and usability. When planning this mini-renovation, start by determining the existing decorating scheme. Do you want the new faucet to subtly blend in or make a dramatic style statement? This guides other exterior considerations.

Faucet Forms

One of the first decisions is choosing a basic faucet form that works with your countertop and sink setup:

1. Widespread 

Widespread configurations have separated hot/cold handles connected under the counter to a center spout. This classic look works with vessel sinks or larger vanities.

2. Centerset 

Centerset faucets feature the handles and spout in one piece, making installation easier. The compact shape allows flexible placement.

3. Wall-mounted

For contemporary styling, wall-mounted faucets attach directly to the wall and feed down into the sink. These take up no counter space.

4. Vessel filler

Vessel filler faucets mount on the countertop behind elevated vessel bowls, often as part of a dramatic style statement.

5. Faucet Handles

The handles make up a major part of the faucet’s visual appeal. Decide between sleek lever or cross handles versus more traditional knob handles. Contemporary styles typically have a single lever for simplified control. If you desire a true standout, opt for sculptural handle shapes.

Specialized Features

Look for specialized features that improve experience and set your faucet apart:

  • Touch activation adds high-tech appeal.
  • Pull-down spray head wands expand functionality.
  • Soap/lotion dispensers integrate right into the design.
  • LED lighting built into the spout or handles provides a soft night light glow.

These details lend unique character while solving problems.

Metal Finishes

One of the most dramatic style choices involves the metal finish. Polished chrome and brushed nickel remain safe, neutral options blending into most bathrooms. However, bolder metallic finishes let your new faucet stand out:

  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze: Dark, rich bronze with hand-rubbed patina provides antique allure 
  • Polished Brass: Classic gold hue imparts subtle glamor and vintage styling 
  • Matte Black: Mysterious jet black creates a sophisticated high-contrast look 
  • Copper: Warm reddish-brown metal finish fits farmhouse, steampunk or retro décor

Beyond basic metals, specialty finishes like rose gold, stainless steel or galvanized iron add modern industrial edge.

The array of available finishes makes it possible to align with your current hardware and light fixtures – or intentionally contrast them for drama.


Replacing a bathroom faucet provides the perfect chance to upgrade your sinks functionality while establishing the style tone of your space. Carefully weigh the look, configuration, handles and features available today against your existing décor and needs.The multitude of shapes, handle designs and eye-catching metal finishes available at Wangel offer almost endless possibilities to make your new faucet a unique focal style piece. Choose wisely to achieve the atmosphere you desire.

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