Getting The Height Right: Standard Bathroom Shower Mixer Height Guide

bathroom shower mixer

When installing a new bathroom, finding the right layout is the first step in the design process. Once you’ve sketched out the basic footprint, the next key consideration is getting all the heights properly coordinated – especially for the shower area. 

Let’s run through the ideal measurements for a comfortable and accessible shower space.

  • Standard shower head height is 6.67 feet from the floor
  • Shower trays range from 2-4 inches deep
  • Shower curtains mount at 6 feet, 7 inches (2.0 m) high
  • Shower mixer valves should be installed 48 inches (122 cm) from the tub floor

A well-designed shower provides an invigorating start to the day or a soothing end to it. But hunching over or straining to reach fixtures can ruin the experience. 

Measurements for a Shower

Use these handy height guidelines when planning bathroom shower layouts.

What is the Standard Shower Head Height?

For the shower head itself, building codes and ADA accessibility standards both dictate a mounting height of 6.67 feet (2 m) from the standing surface of the tub or shower floor. This allows the spray to fall directly on the head and upper back of an average height adult.

What is the Ideal Shower Tray Height?

Shower tray depths typically range from 50mm up to 90mm based on preferences and drainage needs. Deeper trays prevent over-splashing but may require step-in access. Standard heights place the tub floor 2 to 4 inches below the bathroom floor level.

This relative height difference helps prevent excessive water spread while still allowing accessible entry to the shower. Just ensure any steps are properly lit and equipped with grip bars for safety.

How to Find the Right Shower Curtain Height?

Shower curtains mount along the ceiling-wall edge of stall showers, hanging down to contain water. Standard height from the tub floor for shower curtain rods is 6.67 feet (2.0 m). This leaves ample headroom while preventing splashes from escaping.

Use curtain hangers with adjustable drops if ceiling heights vary. For narrow neo-angle showers, go taller. Freestanding curved rod styles with weighted bottoms also adapt to multiple enclosure layouts.

What is the Ideal Shower Mixer Height?

Properly setting the shower mixing valve height is critical for comfortable access. Standard height from the tub floor to the mixer’s center is 48 inches (4 feet). This ensures the controls are naturally within reach when standing in the bathing area, while still keeping vulnerable plumbing safely up and out of the way.

Installation Steps

Depending on your selected option, the installation process can vary. However, here’s the general guide on installing the shower system:

  • Mark the mixer location at an appropriate height from the tub floor.
  • Mount the shower head bracket.
  • Hang the curtain rod and curtains.
  • Test the mixer handle heights for comfort when standing in the tray.


Following the above shower dimension guidelines creates an optimal layout for functionality and aesthetics. Contact Wangel technical specialists for help coordinating all your bathroom fixture heights. Beautiful, inviting showers with no more crouching or reaching make every bathing experience more enjoyable.

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