shower handle

A large solid angles that distributes water to tub and showers with the perforated nozzles are the use of shower handles. For the initial years, it works properly but if it creates any problem then the water levels should be noted because the shower handle is acquired by the minerals and rusts so that it does not allow the water to come out and it results in either low water supply or blockage. Removal of the minerals and rusts is one of the challenging work when it comes to shower handle. We can try to loosen up the shower handle with the help of the tools such as,

  • Wrenchers
  • Pliers
  • Mallets
  • Center punches

To break the caked rust or minerals binding it is necessary to apply the heat to the shower handle. For treating the stuck handles first go by two coats of penetrating chemical liquid this helps to loosen up the nuts or connector in it. Then treat it with the help of lime remover, calcium or rust removing. 

Removing the shower handle:

When a shower handle is not working then we need to determine why it happened. It is easy to remove the handles with hands when a shower handles working in an excellent condition. If it is not then it is mandatory to use the tools or other means. Before starting for removing attempts for removing the shower handle it is necessary to examine what are the reasons behind this. There are of three reasons majorly,

  • If there is any trace of rings around the shower handle connection stop with the shower arm in the color of orange or copper then it is for the sign of rusting.
  • If the trance is white around the shower handle with the attachment of the shower arm then it is the sign of mineral build-ups.
  • There is no trace for the previous examples then it is only because of the tight attachment of the shower handle.

After examining the basic reasons now get into the work process. Typically the process is for opening the shower handle for that there is no necessary to turn off the water supply. But these also present many risks and challenges. So, it is always needed to off the water source, these are located in the areas like under the sink of the bathroom or basements directly below the tub.

Then preparing the working space in the throughout process one should work with different kinds of tools and chemicals that can easily damage the shower or tub. To avoid these damages cover these areas with a work towel or blanket. 

To remove the shower handles first use the wrenches or the pliers which helps to loosen up. If one method does not working then go with the other. For this first take an old cloth cover the connector that prevents the metal. With the locking pliers get the drip for the nut or the connector. Then turn the pliers in the clockwise direction to break up the rusts or minerals in one attempt. Then turn the tools in the opposite direction for removing the shower handles. At this stage the treating process takes place, to use the chemicals for treating the mineral deposits or rust formation read on the instructions which are on the remover bottle. Then go with the methods as it instructed. Apply the product and wait till the allotted time gets over. Now, with the wire brush scrubbing off the product helps to remove those substances on the handle. Wipe it with the shower arm and handle it with the clean cloth.

Now, use the penetrating lubricants to repair your shower handle this helps them to work

wonders. Use the liquid wrench or WD40, this needs two coating process after the application it

needs two hours to settle after that apply the second coat. Then cover the connector with the cloth so that during the attempt the fixture can be removed easily.

Cleaning the handle:

After you removed the shower handle, remove all the rust or the mineral deposits. Then take a bin and place the handle init. While distilled vinegar should be poured in until the shower handles submerged completely. Let it for the overnight. Then rinse it thoroughly with the running cold water.

This stage the shower handle will be clean, it is very important not to attach the cleaned shower handle with the uncleaned shower arm. For that first remove the old plumbing tape, if it is hard to use some knife or brush. Like the shower handle if any rust is visible here follow the same procedure. After the whole process is done clean it with a good cloth again apply the plumbing tape for the grip and this helps to prevent leakage. 

This wrapping should take place for two to three layers in the clockwise pattern. The shower is ready to use now, if the old shower handle is not in the good condition buy the new one. Attaching the shower handle with the fixed-mounted. This applies to the basic shower handles. Place the shower handle on the threads of the shower arm. Turn it on the clockwise direction to tighten up, use the hands to do. 

For the attachment of handheld handles, first shower handles should be attached to the hose then placing the shower handle on the arms. Tight the mount with the hands. By tightening the hose and the head proportionally this will attach perfectly with the shower arm. In the end, do not forget to open the water valve for the good flow of water supply. This is the basic procedure for removing the shower handles.

If in the case, after all these processes had done but the shower is not working in the right way like before then it is mandatory to hire a plumber for the better results. The plumber should be called and inform them about the queries that the shower is facing and need to ask them about the budget and the things that they need from the customer to do the service. Many of them may give a high amount after the work is done so it is good to ask prior for the safety reasons. These two ways can help any person in troublesome situations.