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As the source of life, human beings can’t live without water. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are paying more and more attention to health issues, and the topic of “how to drink water healthily” is getting more and more attention. Especially families with children or those who are planning to have children are more concerned about the quality of drinking water. After seeing business opportunities, some water purifier merchants started online and offline “anxiety marketing” and launched various “black technologies” for water purification, causing many consumers to exclaim “buy! buy! buy!” But can water purifiers really bring us healthy drinking water? Last year, the Ministry of Education issued a document stating that primary and secondary school students are not advised to drink water from some water purifiers. What is the reason? This article will take you to find out.

Ministry of Education: It is not recommended to use reverse osmosis water purifiers in primary and secondary schools

In 2019, the National Bureau of Education issued the “Technical Requirements and Equipment Specifications for Membrane Treatment Drinking Water Equipment for Primary and Secondary Schools”, suggesting that reverse osmosis water purifiers should only be used in areas with a high risk of raw water pollution or when the school infirmary is equipped with pure water devices.

What is a reverse osmosis water purifier?

Use the analogy of masks as well. Masks are divided into N90 and N95 according to the filter aperture, and water purifiers are also divided into different types according to the filtering accuracy. At present, the more popular on the market is the reverse osmosis membrane water purifier. Among them, the reverse osmosis membrane water purifier has a high degree of purification and can remove all substances in the water. At first glance, it sounds good, so I started (according to statistics, about 85% of people will eventually buy a reverse osmosis water purifier). But after thinking about it, I found that “all substances in the water can be removed”, which means that while removing bacteria and impurities in the water, some nutrients that are beneficial to the human body-mineral elements are also removed.

Drinking pure water for a long time is not good for the human body, especially children

Natural water usually contains mineral elements such as potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and metasilicic acid. These mineral elements are important components of body tissues. As for whether the human body needs to obtain minerals from drinking water, experts at home and abroad have given a clear conclusion after a large number of scientific investigations, experiments, analyses. According to the World Health Organization “Nutrients in Drinking Water”, mineral elements can’t be synthesized in the human body. Drinking water is an important channel for the human body to take in mineral elements. The total amount of calcium and magnesium in the water accounts for about 5~ 20%.  Wang Zhansheng who comes from the School of Environment of Tsinghua University also emphasized: “The current diet structure of Chinese residents is relatively simple and can’t fully and naturally supplement various elements. Therefore, the nutritional effects of drinking water can’t be ignored.

Drinking pure water for a long time is not good for the human body, especially children

However, in the water purified by the reverse osmosis membrane water purifier, the mineral elements are obviously reduced or gone. Drinking these purified water for a long time may lead to an insufficient intake of mineral elements in the human body. Purified water not only can’t replenish mineral elements, but also it may cause the loss of mineral elements in the body. Professor Chai Weizhong of the School of Public Health of Peking University emphasized that purified water has a strong ability to dissolve minerals and trace elements. After people drink a large amount of purified water, the original mineral elements in the body will be taken out of the body.

Therefore, many European countries stipulate that pure water can’t be directly used as drinking water. The child is in a critical period of growth and development, and his metabolism is vigorous, and the intake of water and mineral elements is greater. In order to let their children grow better, most parents often buy various supplements such as calcium and zinc supplements for their children, but they ignore that drinking water will also affect their children’s intake of mineral elements. Therefore, the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau has clearly recommended that “pure water should not be recommended for drinking in primary and secondary schools” in the “Report on the Relevant Situation of Drinking Pure Water in this City” many years ago.

In the same year, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission also clearly stipulated in the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Drinking Water for Primary and Secondary Schools and Kindergartens in this City”: Primary, secondary and elementary students are in the growth and development stage and cannot use pure water as drinking water.

There are many hidden health hazards in water purifiers, and the wrong use of “water purification” instead of “sewage”

In addition to reverse osmosis technology that removes mineral elements in water, water purifiers have many safety hazards. Do not pay attention to the following 3 points, the water purifier not only does not “purify the water”, but may also pollute the water.

During the epidemic, we often ask a question: How often do we change the mask? Why change? It’s not because it’s easy to be dirty after wearing it for a long time, and its protective ability is also weakened. Similarly, the filter element of the water purifier has been used for a long time. Whether it is external impurities, bacteria or microorganisms in the water, it is easy to adhere to the filter element. Over time, secondary pollution of microorganisms will be formed. According to the “White Paper on Secondary Pollution of Water Purifiers by Microorganisms” issued by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association under the China Light Industry Federation, secondary pollution of water purifiers by microorganisms is widespread in my country. In the investigation, the total number of colonies in the water from the water purifier was greater than the national standard (≤100CFU/ML).

Moreover, once too much impurities adhere to the filter element, causing the membrane of the water purifier to rupture, the accumulated substances will enter the water, thereby threatening the health of the drinking water

lack of hygiene awareness

Since people do not know much about the secondary pollution of the water purifier filter element, and the awareness of replacing the filter element is not strong, many people have not replaced the filter element after buying the water purifier until it “retires.” According to a survey conducted by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, less than 50% of the 770 water purifier installation households understand that the water purifier filter element needs to be replaced in time, and some consumers even judge whether to replace the filter element based on their personal feelings. Poor usage habits undoubtedly bring greater risks to drinking water safety.

.Some businesses deliberately exaggerate the water purification function of the water purifier for product sales, but we need to clearly realize that the water purifier cannot be done like a professional water plant, and it can use the powerful water flow to backwash the filter element. Furthermore, the existing four antibacterial solutions of the water purifier: “ultrafiltration”, “UV mercury lamp and LED-UV lamp”, “high bromine/high iodine resin and chlorine tablets” and “ozone generator”, whether they are direct The end of the filter is still a water storage tank, which has a great potential for pollution. Therefore, when purchasing a water purifier, you must be cautious. Therefore, it is important to replace the filter element of the water purifier regularly.

Under the chaos of the water purifier, how to drink “good water” at ease?

On the one hand, the water purifier itself has certain safety hazards; on the other hand, for-profit, some merchants use various gimmicks such as “discount promotion”, “buy machines for free electrical appliances”, “treatment of diseases” and other gimmicks for sales to deceive consumers. Purchase substandard products.

Under the chaos, how can one drink “good water”? Wangel health water is one of the best choices to solve the public health problem of drinking water. Urban water supply from natural water sources-tap water, which has been disinfected with residual chlorine in the water plant. The water quality is safe and contains various natural mineral elements. It is more suitable for long-term drinking by the human body. It is matched with Wangel full-function healthy water purifier. The filter removes residual chlorine and filters secondary pollution such as impurities, eggs, bacteria, and viruses in urban pipelines, and effectively prevents the combination of calcium and magnesium ions to prevent scale production while maintaining the existence of beneficial mineral ions and allowing the body to efficiently absorb it. Note that bottled water is also good water, but because bottled water has a certain shelf life, it is not fresh water and the water quality deteriorates due to wind, rain and sun during transportation. If it is purified water obtained by reverse osmosis technology, it is also not suitable As daily drinking water.

In the human body, the content of water accounts for about 70%. It can be said that people are made of water. Water is the foundation of the human body, and the quality of life of people without healthy drinking water will also decline.

Therefore, for the health of yourself and your family, we must be cautious about the various marketing of water purifiers. At the same time, in the choice of water, it is necessary to choose drinking water containing natural mineral elements, which can not only ensure the safety of drinking water for the family, but also improve the quality of family life.