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The towel rack is an important bathroom accessory. If you are planning to buy a towel rack, you need to decide on a place to keep it.

This way, you will be able to easily save some bathroom space. You need to measure the size of your bathroom and check all the free spaces available.

After that, you need to buy a towel rack that can easily fit in the space. It will help you to buy a perfect size towel rack and utilize the space in your bathroom.

If you don’t place the rack correctly, it might make your bathroom look cramped up and ugly. It is very important to place the towel rack correctly.

If you are planning to buy a new towel rack and looking for ways to place it, follow this guide. We will show you different places where you can install a towel rack.

Where to Place Towel Rack In a Bathroom?

If you want to make your bathroom look spacious, towel rack placement is very important. Finding the right place for the towel rack will make your bathroom more functional.

You need to make sure people can easily find the towel rack. Here are some of the placement options you can use. 

  • Shower Door: This is one of the ideal places to put a rack since it can provide storage space on the shower door. It also provides a convenient way for your guests to take a shower since they don’t have to go outside just to get one. This bathroom accessory is perfect for small bathrooms.
  • Outside the Shower: Another great place to install a towel rack is outside your shower. You can place it on a shelf or a cabinet. It is a perfect place where you can place all your bathroom needs, such as hand sanitizer, aftershave, and lotion, etc. This rack can also give your bathroom a stylish contemporary look. However, it is only meant for big bathrooms.
  • Bathroom Door: You can also install a towel rack on the bathroom door. This way, you will be able to easily hang small towels as well as big towels. You can also keep folded towels on the rack. 
  • Bathroom Vanity: If you have a bigger bathroom, it’s definitely the right place to install a rack. You can use it to hang your wet towels or place a rack that will accommodate your regular towels. This bathroom accessory also gives you more storage space. When you are choosing a towel rack, make sure that you measure the area where you will place it before buying one.
  • Feature Wall: If you don’t have a cabinet or shelves in the bathroom, you can install a wall-mounted rack on a free wall of your bathroom. This way, you can easily keep the towels. 
  • Over the Sink: A towel rack that you can hang from the ceiling is very popular nowadays. This type of rack allows you to save space and can easily be placed above the sink. It can easily accommodate a number of towels, and it can also serve as an additional storage space for other bathroom accessories. 
  • Area with More Space: If you have more space in the bathroom, you can purchase a free-standing towel rack and place it in an area with more space. You can place it next to the sink or vanity.