There are different types and styles of toilet paper holders available in the market. Out of all the types, the most common one is a free-standing toilet holder.

As the name goes, it comes with a free stand which you can easily move from one place to another. However, it is mostly suitable for medium to big bathrooms.

As it is an additional accessory that is to be placed on the bathroom floor, you need to place it carefully. It will help you to save a lot of bathroom space as well as make the use of toilet paper easy and convenient.

If you want to purchase a free-standing toilet paper holder but don’t know where to keep it, follow this guide. We will show you different placement options for this type of toilet paper holder. 

What Is A Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder?

It is a toilet paper holder which comes with a weighted base and vertical stand which can be placed anywhere on the bathroom floor. You don’t need to permanently install this holder in the bathroom.

There are many advantages to owning a free-standing toilet, one of which is the ease with which you can remove it when you are done using it. 

A free-standing toilet paper holder is an essential fixture that is a part of every restroom. It is a simple and convenient way of managing paper and towels while giving the impression of being tidy at all times. 

The reason why most people prefer these holders over the other types is because of its functionality, as it does not require installation or messy plumbing. You can easily place it anywhere in the bathroom without installation.

Placement of Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder:

Here are some placement options for free-standing toilet paper holders. You can keep it in all these places. 

  • Corner of the Wall: The first area in which you can put a free-standing toilet paper holder in the corner of the wall. If you have free corners near the toilet, you can simply keep the holder there. It will keep the toilet paper safe from water splashes. All you have to do is keep the holder near the wall and add toilet paper to the stand. 
  • Between Bathtub and Toilet: Another good place to install free standing toilet paper holder is between the bathtub and toilet. If your bathroom has a small space between the bathtub and the toilet, you can place the holder in between.
  • Between Sink and Toilet: If your toilet is next to the sink and not the bathtub, you can place the free-standing toilet paper holder in between the toilet and sink. This way, you can easily reach out for the paper. 
  • Next to Toilet: The ideal place of a toilet paper stand is next to the toilet and so that you can easily use it. You can keep it on either the left or right side of the toilet. Make sure you keep it on the opposite side of the jet spray to avoid soaking the toilet paper. 
  • Back of the Toilet: If the free-standing toilet paper is in the form of a basket and not a stand, you can keep it on the back of the toilet on top of the flush tank. You can place multiple toilet paper rolls in the basket.