There are several types of makeup magnifying mirrors available. One type of makeup mirror is a countertop one, and it is not necessary to get one with high magnification. Its purpose is to help you apply makeup, put on contacts, tweeze, and apply mascara. 

Another type of makeup magnifying mirror is an LED lighted mirror. This type of makeup magnifying mirror is a great choice for those who want to look more perfect in front of their mirror.

Despite its name, a makeup magnifying mirror does more than enhancing the beauty of a person. A quality makeup mirror should have good lighting for precise grooming and flawless makeup application. 

Lighting can be natural, bright, warmer, or cooler. Makeup mirrors with adjustable lighting settings can simulate different environments. Choose a mirror that has multiple light settings to suit your personal preference. Makeup mirrors with several different magnification settings are better than those with fixed magnification.

If you want to know about the best magnification mirror for makeup, continue reading this article. 

What Is a Magnification Mirror?

It is a special type of mirror with a magnification feature. This type of mirror is mostly used to apply makeup as it can easily help you to look at your face closely. To determine the appropriate magnification level for a mirror, we first need to consider how much magnification is necessary for a particular task. 

The amount of magnification depends on the distance between the object and the mirror, as well as the focal length. It is important to consider the size of the object and the distance from the mirror.

With a magnification mirror, you can get a clear picture of every pore and line on your face, and you can also use it to highlight the eyelids and lips. This mirror works best when used in a bright room with adequate lighting, as it does not have any inbuilt lights and may cast a shadow. Nevertheless, it has numerous benefits.

Magnification mirrors come in two basic types, single-sided or dual-sided. There are also those with both sides that are magnified, which give you two-in-one functionality. In addition to being convenient, double-sided mirrors are more expensive than tabletop ones but are great for those who want to see the details in every corner. 

Different Types of Magnification Mirror

Before purchasing a magnifying mirror, it is important to understand the basic differences between these models. Here are the different types of magnification mirrors for makeup.

  • Table Top

As the name goes, this type of magnification mirror can be easily placed on a tabletop to apply makeup. A tabletop mirror can be a great way to get an extra close-up view of your face and adjust hair accessories or simply to take a closer look at your makeup. These mirrors are typically smaller than those found in other areas of the home, but they are designed to get up close to your face so you can pay closer attention to fine details. These mirrors can also serve as great decor pieces. They are also highly functional.

  • Handheld

If you’re looking to see yourself in a more accurate manner, you should try a handheld magnification mirror. These devices are handy tools for close-up viewing. They come with different magnifications and lighting and are especially useful for those with poor vision. Depending on your needs, you can choose a hand-held mirror with a 10x or a 1x magnification. You can also buy a double-sided model if you need a mirror that can help you see details. Earlier, hand mirrors were very expensive, but now you can buy them for as little as $5. 

  • Tri-Fold

It is a type of mirror that can be folded thrice. This mirror can also double as a triple magnification mirror. Its tri-fold design allows for multiple views and has a bottom compartment for holding other things. Using this tri-fold magnification mirror is extremely convenient, and it is easy to use. Its adjustable arm allows you to use it as a traditional vanity mirror or fold it up and use it as a compact mirror. This product is also portable, and you can carry it in your purse or pocket.

  • Wall-Mounted

This type of magnification mirror is mounted on the wall. When choosing a wall-mounted magnifying mirror, you should be aware of the different types of lighting and wires. The wall-mounted version will require installation close to a power outlet. This is because a wall-mounted magnification mirror uses wires to create its lighting. A good model will also have a built-in box for connecting the wires. A lighted wall mounted magnifying mirror is one of the most popular types of this type of mirror. Many people prefer to purchase these because of the excellent build quality and attractive design. 

What is the Best Magnification Mirror for Makeup?

Listed below are some of the most popular types of magnifying mirrors for makeup.

  • Conair Reflections Rechargeable Tablet Mirror

The Conair Reflections Rechargeable Tablet Mirror has two magnification settings and a USB port. Its LED lights offer two, three, and ten times magnification, and its durable cover is impenetrable to dust and water. With its dual-magnification, the distortion-free mirror is mounted on a convenient cosmetic organizer base. Its battery life is long enough to last a full week, and it also comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. This tablet-style mirror offers a thin and modern design. The mirror’s illumination adjusts to your exact makeup needs. 

  • Fancii LED Lighted Large Vanity Makeup Mirror

The Fancii LED Lighted Large Decorative Vanity Makeup Mirror is the perfect mirror for your bathroom. It features a premium distortion-free glass that enables you to see the details of your face and hair with clarity and precision. Its LED lights are easily adjustable, with two brightness levels and three color settings to help you get a perfect reflection no matter the light source. It’s also rechargeable through a USB port and can run for up to 30 days on a charge. The mirror’s natural LED lighting replicates natural sunlight and provides color-correct details.

  • FASCINATE Trifold Led Lighted Makeup Mirror

The FASCINATE Trifold Led Light-Up Makeup Mirror is one of the top-rated lighting makeup mirrors on the market. Designed with a bigger viewing area, this mirror features two to three times more magnification than regular mirrors. This magnifying mirror eliminates the need to bend over to look at your face while applying makeup. You can also see your eyes and lips without bending. The Fascinate makeup mirror’s suction bottom allows you to keep the mirror firmly in place. The mirror’s 10x magnification provides you with the detail you need to properly apply your makeup. You can see every single hair and pore on your face. 

  • FENCHILIN Lighted Hollywood Makeup Mirror

The FENCHILIN Lighted Hollywood Make-up Mirror features LED bulbs to ensure a natural application of makeup. It has nine different brightness levels to suit different needs, from warm to daylight. Its smart touch controls allow you to turn the light on or off with the touch of a finger. This mirror is great for those who are always on the go and don’t have time to adjust a dim or harsh light. The FENCHILIN Lighted Hollywood Make-up Mirror is an elegant makeup accessory for any bathroom or bedroom.

  • Conair Reflections Double-sided Makeup Mirror

The Conair Reflections Double-sided Makeup mirror has a light that is both soft and clear. It uses incandescent light to give clear, soft halo lighting. It also features magnification levels of 1X and 7X. A plug-in double-sided makeup mirror is another option. This mirror is a good option for those who want to see more detail on their face. The Conair Reflections Double-sided Makeup mirror has a suction bottom that allows it to cling to any surface. This mirror has 10x magnification, so you can see every hair and pore.