silicone kitchen faucet

A kitchen is what makes a house into a home, it is truly the heart of the home. The kitchen is a source of happiness and everyone has some fond memories in their home kitchens. The way you decorate your kitchen and your home, in general, says a lot about you. As the kitchen is a vital part of any home, it becomes important to decorate it in a manner that aligns with the core aesthetic of your home decor. Having a beautiful kitchen is not only an accent piece in your home, it also brings people together as the decor makes it appealing and inviting.

For a person who does not cook very often, having a fully functional kitchen is not optional. It does not matter if you cook or not, or if you use your kitchen a lot; a kitchen is an essential part and a necessity in any home. The bare minimum hardware any kitchen should have is a stove, oven, fridge, sink, and faucet. Many homeowners opt for the basic versions of each of the above, but many others like to spice it up and opt for the ones that do not compromise on style and functionality.

One of the most important things in a kitchen is the sink and faucet. Any kitchen is incomplete without these two things. People often don’t think too much about the sink and faucet in their kitchen and pick the most basic ones that will get the job done. But there are many styles of sinks and faucets available in the market that can add another layer to the aesthetic of your kitchen. Ignoring these is an opportunity missed to add small details that elevate the look further.

When decorating your kitchen, the bigger appliances take up most of your budget. But the smaller aspects of the kitchen, like handles, knobs, faucets, etc can add greatly to the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. These tiny details not only elevate the look of your kitchen, but also offer great functionality, so spending on them won’t be a waste. There are plenty of designs, colors, and materials of hardware available in the market, so you are bound to find something to your liking.

Many people these days are inclined towards a minimalist and futuristic style of things in their home. You can find the most futuristic devices and appliances for homes that do more than just the basics. But this is not limited just to electronics, the minimalist theme can be brought into the kitchen as well. You can have your cabinets with hidden handles for the minimalist look, your stovetop is set into the counter or your kitchen sink and faucet be sleek and stylish. It is all possible now with the huge variety in styles, textures, finishes, and materials in which these things are available. One of the most interesting new innovations in the world of kitchen faucets is the flexible silicone kitchen faucet.

What is a silicone kitchen faucet?

Most kitchen faucets come with a stiff metallic neck that can be rotated but cannot be moved completely. Some offer flexibility in the form of a sprayer that can be pulled out of the spout of the faucet, but they still cannot be moved. With a silicone kitchen faucet, you can not only move the neck of the faucet, but you can also extend it to reach the area you need them in, such as the corners of a sink or to fill pots.

How does it work?

A silicone faucet works just like a regular faucet, but with a few tweaks. Instead of having a stiff metallic pipe for a neck, the flexible silicone kitchen faucet has a metallic base of the neck on which a silicone pipe rests. This pipe can be used in this fixed position or it can be removed and used as per the user’s convenience. The fact that you can remove the pipe offers a lot of flexibility and you can easily clean the sink or fill pots or do just about anything that you want.

Features of a silicone faucet:

  • Flexibility: Sure, there are metal faucets too that provide flexibility but nothing offers the kind of flexibility that silicone can. You can move it literally in any direction that you want to, it can move in 360 degrees; something a metal faucet may have trouble with.
  • Eco-friendly: There are a lot of metal and small plastic parts required in making a metal faucet flexible, which uses up a lot of resources. A silicone faucet can get the job done with lesser parts and resources. Silicone being flexible in nature does not require external reinforcing to make sure it can move 360 degrees.  
  • Unique look: We are used to seeing metallic faucets in our kitchen, so the look of silicone offers a unique touch to the decor of the kitchen. The silicone faucet comes in many colors as well, so you can pick a color that matches the decor in the kitchen. This would perfectly complement many styles of home decor, minimalist decor being the most suitable.  
  • Better control: A traditional faucet will dispense water in a singular stream that cannot be diverted in any other direction, so anything that you do, be it cleaning dishes or washing vegetables, it had to be done under the fixed water stream. In the case of a silicone faucet, you can maneuver it in any direction, so you can control where the water stream is going or direct it where you need it. This makes it easy to do chores as you don’t have to bend and do the work, you can simply pull the pipe towards you.

The silicone kitchen faucet is the perfect choice for someone who wants something that’s unique and out of the box in terms of looks, but also wants something that is high on functionality and can be easily used by anyone.