The towel is an essential bathroom item!

You need a towel to dry your hands after your wash it as well as after you take a shower. In order to safely keep the towel and prevent it from falling down on the bathroom floor, you need to install a rack.

Towel racks help you to keep the towel dry in the bathroom. You can hang a small towel as well as keep your personal towel on top of the rack.

When we’re talking about bathroom towel racks, there are two basic types to choose from – the freestanding rack and the wall-mounted rack. 

There are different brands and styles of towel racks available online. You need to consider various factors like size, material as well as style in order to choose the best towel rack for your bathroom.

In this article, we are going to discuss the seven best towel racks of 2021. You can purchase any of these products for your bathroom.

7 Best Towel Racks of 2021:

If you are looking forward to purchasing a new towel rack for your bathroom, here are the best options. These are the seven best towel racks of 2021. 

  • Deco Brothers Wall Mount Rack: As the name goes, it is a wall-mounted towel rack that you can directly install on the bathroom wall. This towel rack is perfect for small bathrooms. It comes in a bronze finish and has small racks for holding multiple folded towels. You can store small as well as big towels on this rack. 
  • Organize It All Shelf Rack: This towel rack helps you to keep the towels in an organized way. It is a modern chrome finish rack with plenty of space. It comes with a shelf space as well as metal rods where you can hang the towel. Apart from that, you can keep other toiletries on the shelf. 
  • RAAMZO Chrome Finish Towel Bathroom Rack Stand Shelf: It is a freestanding towel rack for medium and big bathrooms. If you are living on rent, it is a good choice as you can carry it to your next home. It comes in a chrome finish with three rods to hand towels and a bottom shelf to keep other items. 
  • InterDesign York Lyra Over the Door Rack: This type of towel rack can be placed over the door to save space. It comes with five hooks where you can hang towels. You will get this type of towel rack in various sizes. You can use it for hanging clothes as well.
  • Wildon Home Tree Wall Mounted Towel Rack: If you have multiple towels in your home, this product is perfect for you. It is chrome-plated and comes with multiple storage options. This towel rack is in the shape of a tree and can be easily mounted on the wall. It can store up to 21 towels. 
  • Household Essentials Hinge It Towel Rack: This towel rack can be installed on the hinges of the door. It is a modern towel rack that comes with 4 bars where you can hang towels. If you don’t want to install a towel rack on the wall or your door, you can use this product. 
  • InterDesign York Over the Shower Door Towel Rack: This is another door towel rack you can purchase. You can easily install it on the shower door. There are three bars in the rack where you can hang the towels.