Kitchen Shelf, Metal Kitchen Organizer Holder, for Jars, Bottles, Can


WANGEL Wall Shelves for Kitchen -Multifunctional Floating Shelves, Wall Storage Solution, Kitchen Organizer Holder, for Jars, Bottles, Can


1. Material: Durable Aluminum, Rustproof, Waterproof, adsorbent free and mildew proof, easy to clean, stable and not falling.
2. Multi-purpose: Our product comes with 3 shelf layers in one set, and bottles and cans could be organized in the shelf. One kitchen storage unit could keep your kitchen in order. The shelf can also be installed in the bathroom, study, living room, etc.
3. Space saving: With the wall mounted design style, the shelf could be installed under the cabinet or on the wall, exploiting the available space in your kitchen.
4. Decorative and Retro Style: Features retro style with nifty industrial metal brackets, a nice decorative shelf and endless DIY combination on the wall is available for you.
5. Adjustable Distance: The set contains two separate shelf layers, allowing you to freely adjust the distance between them, whether it is a large bottle or a small bottle, it can fit in after adjustment.


Product Description:
Wangel Wall Storage Shelf with Hooks.
This kitchen storage unit can hold your bottles and cans steady and safely. The wall-mounted design allows it to explore more available space under cabinet or on wall.
Specifics: Length:  30cm,40cm,50cm,60cm
Colour: Black
Material: Aluminum
Installation Tips: Tear off the covering sticker, attach the stand to the wall and press hard. After sticking, wait for 48 hours before placing items on the stand.
Why choose us: Quick Installation; Multi-Purpose; Solid Construction; Space Saver Design, 10 years Refund Guarantee for Product Falling