WANGEL YSG-2006-80H Aluminium Mirror Cabinet
WANGEL YSG-2006-80H Aluminium Mirror Cabinet

Whether it is for a little bathroom, or for a laundry room, or for a bathroom in the master bedroom, the useful aspect should be in the spirit of your concern when renovating your bathroom. In arrange to help you in your efforts, our experts have compiled some aspects for you to think about before starting the overhaul. However, it may turn out that your bathroom needs professional advice.


Residential plumbing is made up of drain pipes, more often than not 1 1/2″ inches in diameter. Since there is additional than one junk in his pipes, including hair, make sure you have as wide a pipe as likely. The larger they are, the less unclogging work you will have to do. That said, it would be improved to opt for 2 “drain pipes, especially for your shower enclosure. Also, since the Quebec type of weather can become extremely chilly in winter, make sure that your water pipes do not pass through exterior walls.

The luminosity

Opt for a recessed lighting system in your ceiling to light up the room. Think about putting one or two lights in your shower, depending on the dimension of the shower. In addition, it would be sensible to install a dimming system to adjust the brightness to the mood you want. What could be better than a light and relaxing light when you take a small foam bath with your glass of wine?

The shower floor

When you opt for big ceramic tiles, it will be additionally hard to make sure an inclination of these. In addition, large slabs, unless they are textured, will be additional slippery than small ceramic slabs. Small slabs, particularly small ceramic tiles, will give you additional malleability and rigidity at the level of the floor. In addition, these are the nearly everyone popular when it comes to choosing your ceramic. Also, these days prefabricate floors are less and less popular. The latter turn yellow over time and are very fragile. Today, acrylic or porcelain shower bases are more and more popular.

Medicine cabinet

To have such a cabinet, make sure you have sufficient space in your bathroom. The vanity under the medicine cabinet should ideally be 4 to 5 inches larger. In terms of price, it is not luxurious. In addition, its small cabinets are shallow, which makes them space-saving and very well-organized.

Bathroom vanity

Opt for a vanity with as many drawers as likely. The drawers will facilitate the association and accessibility of your products. To buy a large amount of bathroom vanity at a ridiculously low price, don’t hesitate to visit our page on bathroom cabinets. If you want to have some custom bathroom vanities, don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

A window in the shower

Decide a frosted glass panel to protect your privacy. Choose a window that you can open in order to demister the bathroom. Make sure that the foundations of the installation are made of stone so that this area is sufficiently watertight. Make sure the window is installed in a tilted down position to ensure water drainage.