high pressure shower head

Saving water is an important activity and must be undertaken consciously. The world around us is changing rapidly. The past few decades have brought about a lot of changes like the rapid growth of industries and globalization on the rise. The large scale of industrialization has led to the usage of resources to the point where now there are a scarcity of once abundantly found materials. Many industries use resources that are scarce and nonrenewable, which poses to be a serious problem nowadays. The effects of climate change can be truly felt in the environment around us, so we have to become more conscious of our actions towards our environment. Even the smallest changes can have a big impact in the long run.

Water is a resource that no being on the planet can live without, one simply cannot survive without water. Although this renewable natural resource is found in abundance on our planet as  71% of our planet’s surface is covered with it, 99.7% of this water is no good for usage by humans due to its composition. There is only 2.5% of freshwater available in nature. In total, only about 0.3% of the water on earth can be used by humans for regular uses. This makes it a very valuable and  extremely important resource that should not be misused and wasted, as water is crucial for man’s survival.  

Unfortunately, humans have not been able to judiciously use this resource. The effects of rapid industrialization have led to serious water pollution. Wastage of water and the effects of climate change has led to a scarcity of water in many parts of the world. This is a big issue which if not resolved or controlled can lead to much bigger problems in the future. Implementing small changes in your daily routine and working on even the smallest of habits can be the solution we need to address this major problem. For instance, taking a long shower is an activity people indulge in often, without giving a second thought to the amount of water that gets wasted in the process. We end up consuming more water than we need to due to this habit.

Most people enjoy taking long showers. The gentle stream of warm water hitting your body at the end of a long day is very therapeutic and is the perfect way to relax and de-stress. People who prefer using any kind of a showerhead for taking a shower do not realize how much water they end up wasting. Because the water is constantly flowing and does not get collected in front of you, it is difficult for you to actually see the amount of water is actually being used. In fact, water consumption from showers is one of the top reasons for water wastage. This also affects your water bill, you end up paying more for using more water unnecessarily. But if you make a small change, you can do your bit in saving the environment and you can save your money on water bills too in the process. Choosing a water-saving high-pressure shower head is a small and simple answer to reducing the wastage of water from showers.  

What is a water-saving high-pressure shower head?

A regular shower head gets a good amount of water pressure because of the amount of water it uses which is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). A water-saving showerhead uses much less water compared to a regular one, so people expect the water pressure to be low and not as enjoyable, after all, water pressure plays an important role in giving you an enjoyable shower experience. But you do not need to compromise on water pressure when you use a water-saving high-pressure shower head. It is like getting the best of both worlds, you can have a pleasant shower while saving water at the same time. A high-pressure showerhead may also be useful when the normal water pressure in your locality is low due to any reason.

How does a high-pressure shower head work?

A water-saving high pressure shower head is designed in such a way that the water jets from the nozzle in the showerhead collide with each other to give the effect of a full-bodied water stream. It uses air pressure to create the high pressure effect. It maximizes the flow of water by using a strong sprayer. It also works by minimizing the restrictions inflow which further optimizes the water pressure. A high pressure shower head does not actually increase the water pressure, rather it delivers the water with a force so that it seems like the water pressure is high.

Pros of a high pressure shower head:

  • Saves water: A regular showerhead uses 2.5 GPM of water, whereas a water-saving  showerhead uses around 1.8 GPM. This has a big impact on the amount of water you use in the long run. With this type of showerhead, you can take long showers and save water at the same time.
  • Works similar to a regular showerhead: As the water-saving showerhead uses less water, the common misconception is that the water pressure is not as good. Water pressure is important for an enjoyable shower. A water-saving high pressure shower head solves this problem as it is designed in a way that the water pressure felt is as good as the regular showerhead.
  • Value for money: Initially, having a high pressure shower head installed in your bathroom will come with a price. But the amount you spend on it can be made back with the amount saved on water bills, making it cost-effective. Water-saving shower heads pay for themselves, thanks to the amount you save on your bills.

Cons of a high pressure shower head:

  • Installation cost: Having a new hardware piece fitted in the home involves a cost. Water-saving shower head is not cheap, so you will incur a cost when installing it. The water-saving showerhead may be costly at first, but you get a lot of use out of it in the long run.