How to Choose the Right Backlit Mirror

backlit mirror

By combining style and practicality, backlit mirrors offer a multitude of benefits, from improved lighting to enhanced aesthetics. 

How do you choose a backlit mirror? To choose the perfect backlit mirror, you need to consider:

  • The size and shape of your space
  • The light color and temperature
  • The features, and style of the mirror

Size and Shape

When choosing a backlit mirror, you must consider its size and shape against your bathroom space. The mirror should be proportionate to your vanity’s width and height. If it’s too big, the mirror might overwhelm your space.

For the shape, popular backlit mirror shapes include:

  • Rectangular (classic choice for single or double vanities)
  • Square (modern statement piece)
  • Round (softer touch, ideal for smaller spaces)
  • Oval (elegant touch, good for traditional or transitional styles)

A rectangular mirror with a vertical placement is the most recommended shape for a small bathroom with a large mirror. The vertical orientation creates the illusion of height, making the ceiling appear higher and the bathroom feels more spacious.

Light Color and Temperature

The light color, or temperature, emitted by your backlit mirror significantly impacts the mood and functionality of your bathroom. Here’s how to choose the right light for your needs:

  • Warm white light, around 3000 Kelvin, offers a relaxing and spa-like feel. This is ideal for creating a calming atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day.
  • Cool white light, around 4000 Kelvin, provides a more invigorating feel and is suitable for tasks requiring better visibility, like applying makeup or shaving.
  • Some backlit mirrors offer the best of both worlds with adjustable color temperature. This allows you to personalize the ambiance, switching from a warm, relaxing glow to a cooler, brighter light depending on your needs and the time of day.


Consider features that enhance your experience. Defogging technology keeps the mirror clear, while magnification aids detailed grooming. Touch controls and dimmers offer convenient adjustments for lighting and ambiance.


Style matters! Choose a frameless mirror for a sleek, modern look, or a framed option to complement your existing decor. Metal finishes like chrome or black add a touch of sophistication, while wood frames offer warmth. Ultimately, select a mirror that harmonizes with your overall bathroom design.

Popular Backlit Mirror Styles

Spruce up your bathroom with various backlit mirror styles! Frameless options offer a minimalist touch, while round mirrors add a whimsical element to smaller spaces. Oval shapes provide elegance for traditional styles, and lighted full-length mirrors ensure head-to-toe illumination for outfit checks. Find the perfect match to elevate your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics.

Key Takeaway

Wangel’s backlit mirror

The ideal backlit mirror depends on your unique needs, bathroom layout, and desired aesthetics. Consider the factors discussed above, browse online retailers and showrooms, and don’t hesitate to ask questions to ensure you make an informed decision. 

Wangel Group is committed to providing a diverse range of high-quality backlit mirrors to suit any style and budget. Explore our collections online or contact us today. 

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