Wangel Kitchen Faucet

If a kitchen faucet is faulty or is leaking water from some end of the pipe, then you should consider to have a look at that and get it fixed as soon as possible to prevent any further leakage problems.

There are multiple tools you will require to install a new kitchen faucet these are:

  • Basin wrench which has a fixed position for the certain bolt.
  • Adjustable wrench to remove a bolt of any size.
  • Small bucket to collect any water that is dripping from the pipe when you are repairing.
  • Putty knife to clear any clogs or make a small incision in the pipe.

There are also a list of materials required to fix a kitchen faucet which is as follows:

  • Kitchen faucet so that you can replace and clean the old pipeline to install a new faucet.
  • Supply lines so that you can replace the old leaking pipes with new ones.
  • Silicone caulk to seal off and stick a new pipeline to the supply system.
  •  Plumbers tape to apply at the end of the pipeline after replacing it to give it extra protection so that it does not leak.

Before you go to any store to buy the materials and tools, you will have to check underneath the kitchen sink to see whether it is a one-hole sink or a 3 – 4 hole sink.

Because a one-hole sink can be installed directly without any extra tools, on the contrary, a 3 – 4 hole sink will require you to install a whole new deck plate which holds all the pipelines differently.

Removing the old faucet

These are the steps that you will have to use to remove an old faucet.

  • First, you have to look under the sink where you will find a valve through which you can control the inflow of water as well as the outflow of it.
  • Take a picture of the pipelines as well as the bolts to use it for reference later on.
  • Then put the small bucket you have taken under the sink pipeline after turning off the valve so that the extra waterfalls directly into the bucket without creating a huge mess.
  • After disconnecting the pipeline tell someone to hold the faucet from above so that you can use the basin wrench to remove any nuts or bolt that is remaining to take out the old faucet of the sink.
  • Remove the faucet from the top and then clean the grim as well as the sealant of the faucet clean so that no dirt or other things that can block the faucet remain on the pipeline.
  • After removing all the faucet equipment keep it at a side where you know which thing will go where and the bolts as well. Then also be sure to clean them when they are kept aside to check again for the equipment which has leakage or not.

Installing a new kitchen faucet

After removing the old faucet carefully, you can use these steps to install a new kitchen faucet.

But before you do that, search the internet for the proper type of equipment to fix the faucet and also check the correct company’s website.

  • First, install the rubber gasket also known as the trim ring over the faucet holes on the sink so that you can ensure that the after putting back the faucet it does not slip from its place and sprays water all over the kitchen. Also, refer to the companies manual before you apply any adhesive or the plumbers putty.
  • Then after putting up the trim ring, you will have to put the new faucet lines into their respective holes and make sure that you have put up the correct faucet line into each hole.
  • Then after putting up the faucet lines, you have to install the water washers as well as the nuts below the sink so that you can put up the new faucet as soon as possible.
  •  But before installing the washer or the nut if you have used any adhesive or plumbers putty then you will have to wipe out the excess if there is any remaining underneath the sink.
  • If you are using a pull-down faucet, then you will have to attach it to the quick connect hose to the pipeline and install some weight on the pipeline so that it does not throw out water without any force. You need to make sure that the weight is hanging freely under the sink without any interruption.
  • Then you will have to connect the water supply line as well as all the bolts that are required on it using a plumbers wrench, or you can even use a plumbers tape which keeps all the things on the tape connected to the place where you want to attach it. 

Do not overtighten the supply line because the water supply may stop due to over-tightening of the pipeline as it may choke up the water inside the pipeline.

  • Then you will have to turn on the faucet very slowly to make sure that it is connected properly and make sure that there is no leakage inside of it.
  • Then remove the aerator of the pipeline so that the water can run freely without any interruption and you have made sure that the pipeline you have installed is clean and delivers safe water.
  • Then after making sure that everything is in the order, you have to turn off the faucet and attach the aerator back into the mouth of the faucet so that it can filter any impurities that are coming out of the pipeline and it will give you clear water to drink or wash your dishes.

These are the steps that you can use to remove an old faucet and put up a new kitchen faucet instead of it without even having to call a plumber at home while you can do everything. I hope this article might be of some help to you.