How to Install Bathroom Faucet

It is important to know how to install a bathroom faucet. If ever your faucet gets broken in the middle of the night, you do not need to call for a repair person or ask on how to install a bathroom faucet. The job is quite easy and all you need is a wrench, elbow grease and these instructions on how to install a bathroom faucet.

First, you have to get rid of the old faucet. Check if the sink has the right number of holes and that they are in the right places. Do not forget to shut off the valve below the sink. Use a wrench in turning the nuts to be able to remove the supply tubes and drain the water. Take away the nuts and the washers and remove the faucet. Do not forget to clean every hole carefully. Read the instructions if you need to do other pre-installation steps.

After removing the old faucet, you are now ready to install the new one. Make sure that you read and understand the instructions included in the faucet. It is necessary to know if you need to do some preliminary set up. Between the faceplate and the gasket, place in the plastic gasket. Make a seal using a plumber’s putty if the kit has no gasket included. Do not forget to apply nut and washer below every supply tube and then put together the supply tubes and the shut-off valves.

Follow the instructions in the kit in installing the pop-up device. Many types of pop-up device are available so make sure that you check the instructions. Place in the lift rod and then connect it to the pop-up device. Check for leaks after turning on the water. If there is any leak, take out the part and put a seal around it.

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