how to install bathroom faucet

It might not seem like it at first, but a faucet alone can really go far when you are adding to the decor of your bathroom. Thus, how to install a bathroom faucet yourself is an available way to save money. Today a bathroom faucet can be more efficient and stylish than ever before and can save water without sacrificing on performance. Many manufacturers are designing faucets to make them a lot easier for those who wish to install the fixture themselves. If you are contemplating on doing the job yourself then here are some things to consider before taking on the task.

In many cases, it is a lot less costly to install a faucet yourself than to call a plumber to do it for you. On average, in order to replace and install a quality single handle faucet can cost around $275. But if you are not afraid to do a little work yourself that same task can cost just $175 for the same faucet and the material needed to do the job saving you a whopping $100.

How to Install Bathroom Faucet

The materials that you’ll need are simple things that you may already have or can borrow like: The new faucet, adjustable wrenches and adjustable pliers to loosen and tighten the water supply, a basin wrench to disconnect the tailend of the old faucet, a bucket to catch water, plumber’s putty, and a towel or sponge to wipe away excess putty.

Many bathroom faucets today are designed with the do-it-yourself person in mind and come pre-assembled so that you don’t have to make all the parts fit together and can make most of the installation above the counter-top.

Still, the determining factor of how difficult the entire project will be is how easy is it to access the plumbing. Replacing just the faucet means crawling underneath the sink and lying on your back and disconnecting the old faucet ends with a basin wrench and then repeating the same procedure when reconnecting the new faucet. This can be very awkward, so if you intend on doing the work yourself and this is your first time, you may want to also think about replacing the old sink if it needs it as well. This will make the job a lot more simple to do since you only have to crawl underneath the cabinet once (remember we saved a lot of money by not using a plumber so we might afford a new sink if we need one) and the rest of the job of reconnection can be done above the countertop.

Don’t forget to match the faucet with the number of holes in the sink. For instance, if the sink has a single hole then you’ll need to get a single handle faucet to match up.

Replacing the bathroom faucet is one of those jobs that is not to difficult to do even if this is the first one that you do and can really save you some money.

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