Wangel water-purifier

Water is a combination of 2 parts of hydrogen with 1 part of oxygen, and its chemical formula is H2O. Water is a drinkable substance that almost everyone uses in the world to drink and extinguish their thirst after a workout or after doing any work.

There are around 1 billion Americans who drink a glass of water daily. Water does not have any colour, nor does it have any smell. The most fun fact is that it makes up 60% of our body, including our DNA, proteins, and cell membranes.

There are more than 780 million people who lack the supply of clean and safe drinking water around the world. In the year 1908, Jersey City, now known as New Jersey, was the first city in America to disinfect and drink their water.

After watching New Jersey disinfect their water then more cities around the USA started to disinfect and drink their water which leads to a decrease in waterborne disease in the USA.

You should know where your water comes from it might be from a lake or from a groundwater source which has been found and has water stored in it which has to be disinfected and delivered.

Where does our water come from?

The majority of the freshwater supply comes from the surface water. This surface water is found in the rain or even from the snow which runs downs into the river or the lake. Sometime the water source may not be near to where you live.

More than 90% per cent of New York city’s water comes from Catskill or Delaware watersheds that extend up to 125 miles deep into the city. Chicago’s water comes from Lake Michigan, which is around 100 miles away from it.

In Atlanta water travel more than a couple of 100 miles that is from the Chattahoochee and Flint rivers. And people of the seven states that are from Denver to Los Angeles rely on their water coming from the Colorado lake.

The rest of the drinking water comes from the groundwater which originates from the rain and the snow which seeps into the soil. These water which goes into the soil are stored in aquifers.

Aquifers are the natural creation of soil as well as the sand and formation of rock underneath the soil. You can get groundwater which is stored in the soil through springs, wells or you can even use a water pump to get the water out.

The majority of states in the US get their water from the groundwater source such as Miami, Memphis and San Antonio because these states have natural aquifers stored in their soil which trap rain as well as snow water.

How is water treated to make it safe to drink?

Between 13 – 15 Million people of the US use their own private well to use it for drinking purpose. The only problem is that they have to first check the water for bacteria or any other dissolved acids.

Those who own a private well should compulsorily call a health department expert so that he can gather a sample of the well water and test it for any bacteria or acids.

If the Ph. level of the water comes high, then the owner can call the health department to take care of the water kept in the well and treat it to make it safe to drink and also use.

Everyone else in the US gets their water from public waterway service. There is around 1,50,000 public waterway system installed in the US to supply safe drinking water.

This water will undergo some test to make sure it’s not dirty, and it should meet the US Environmental Protection Agency’s drinking water standard so that it can be supplied to other states as well. However, not dirty water does’t mean healthy water. If you pay much attention to your body health, you should try to install a water purifier to get healthy water. Not only clean and safe but healthy and beneficial. This is what Wangel always wants to provide for users.

These are the steps used to treat the water:

  • Catchment:- First, you will have to transfer the water from the source to the treatment facility through a series of the pipeline, or many companies use gravity.
  • Screening:- When water is reaching the facility, then a large sheet of solid steel is kept in the way so that no other impurities come through with the water.
  • Coagulation and flocculation:- Chemicals which have positive charge are called as Coagulants which are kept in the water some of the most common coagulants are aluminium, sulfate etc. This coagulant binds with dirt particle which is negatively charged and form a slimy substance called as a floc.
  • Sedimentation and clarification:- The floc is separated from the water and the water is sent to the sedimentation pod while the other water is sent to other pods.
  • Ozonation:- Ozone is a chemical which has three parts of oxygen and is sent in the water so that it can purify the water by killing any bacteria, protozoan inside it and also remove any iron or sulfur from the water to eliminate bad odour and taste.
  •  Filtration:- The gravity pulls the water through filter which has sand gravel and active charcoal present in it naturally.
  • Disinfection:- Then chlorine is added into the water to kill any micro bacteria or germs present into the water and make it safe. 

How is water distributed to us?

These are the steps from which water is supplied to us.

  • Water is treated and kept in the storage tank or a water tower before distributing.
  • Then when it’s time to distribute the water, it is pumped upwards so that it creates a force through which water is supplied to everyone’s house.
  • Then the water flows into its respective pipeline either it can go a house pipeline or a business pipeline where water is used on a daily basis.

The water in the US goes through the treatment of steel, galvanized iron, cast iron, copper so that the water remains safe to drink. If you want to get the drinking water which is more than safe, a good water purifier can protect your family from all the pollutants.