The kitchen tap is linked to the hot and cold water networks by its two inlets thanks to supple link hoses and no appropriate screws (usually with 8 x 13 male ends on the tap side and length 200 mm). These two networks, in the tap body, reach your destination on flow control devices that are called mixer or mixer depending on the skill. After that, cold water and hot water are mixed to obtain the preferred temperature and flow rate.

Presentation of a thermostatic mixer

The thermostatic kitchen mixers are joined with infrared technology, which makes them very rare. If they are sensible for washing your hands, install above a kitchen sink, they are much less so. The water supplies being varied, a customary mixer is sufficient; however, favor it with an anti-burn ring. Thermostatic mixers are installed in bathrooms, in showers and baths, they permit you to regulate and keep the selected temperature (very sensible and reassuring). A thermostatic mixer has two handles, the first one where the temperature is exactly regulated; the handle is graduated in degrees Celsius (° C), a second that we use every day, and that opens the water ensures the flow. The main benefit of a thermostatic mixer is that the temperature of the outlet water is always at the preferred temperature.

By warning the temperature, the thermostatic mixer prevents burns and in exacting on the old sanitary installation where the earnings of hot water making (boilers, water heaters) are not ready with temperature control devices at the outlet. For this cause, the thermostatic mixing valve is optional for children and the elderly.

How to choose your kitchen tap?

Essential stainless steel kitchen faucet for your kitchen, the taps are available in all styles. After defining the style of the tap, choose the ideal model: mixer, mixer tap, or mixer tap with hand shower.

A tap adapted to your needs

The option will be made according to the type of faucet: mixer or mixer, the shape of the spout, its aesthetics, the presence of a pull-out shower or not, the positioning of the sink.

Tap style

The stainless steel kitchen faucet is now available in a very wide range of styles and finishes. First, there are all aspects of chrome (shiny, satin) as well as various styles of finish (brass, stainless steel, and aged copper. In addition, there are the color coatings which take on original shades for a touch of cheerfulness in the kitchen. Do not hesitate to mix styles: a “retro” tap will bring an original touch to a modern kitchen. Contemporary taps assert themselves with generally clean lines that no longer hesitate to include right angles for an even more surprising design.

Mixer tap with pull-out spray 

Mixers with pull-out spray or aerators have the same advantages as mixers. Single control to simultaneously and quickly measure the flow and the temperature. They also have an extractable shower (or a foamier). The hand shower can have a normal jet or two jets (a normal jet and a “rain” jet). This type of mixer allows the cleaning of vegetables, the rinsing dishes, etc.