A kitchen is where the soul of the house lies. Everybody loves having a beautiful kitchen in their home. Most people would agree that a house is incomplete without its kitchen. Decorating your kitchen is the perfect way to accessorize your home and reinforce the aesthetic of your home. A modular kitchen acts as the perfect means of combining functionality with the overall look and feel. Decorating your kitchen in a way that matches the vibe of your home makes it all the more appealing and inviting for you and your guests.

When it comes to decorating the kitchen, picking the right equipment is also important. Your equipment should look in sync with the theme of your kitchen decor. Even the little things like the handles and knobs on cabinets can add character to the theme of your kitchen decor. Redecorating your entire kitchen from scratch can be extremely stressful. If you don’t want to deep dive into redecorating and redesigning your existing kitchen, you can simply switch out a few things or add a couple of accent pieces to give your kitchen an instant style update.

The easiest way to add some character to the humble kitchen is to pick out a nice faucet. The kitchen faucet is an important piece of hardware and should be picked wisely by weighing all the options available. Even something as small as the faucet can make a serious impact on the aesthetic of your decor. A faucet is an essential element of the kitchen and often people opt for the standard ones that are meant to get the job done.

Most people don’t put too much thought into picking a kitchen faucet and miss the opportunity to spice up their kitchen decor. With a variety of styles, textures, and finishes available in the market, picking one that fits your style can be tricky. If you are looking for a style update for your kitchen or just want a stylish faucet for your newly decorated kitchen, there are many faucet ideas you can try out to add some character to your kitchen decor. If you are on the hunt for a faucet to upgrade to, this article lists out five kitchen faucet ideas for an instant style update.

Top 5 kitchen faucet ideas:

  1. Pull out kitchen faucet: The style that is not only convenient but also looks sleek and stylish is the pull out kitchen faucet. A pull-out faucet is one that comes with an extended sprayer built into the spout, so the spout can be pulled out to move in any direction and can be used to clean around the sink or to clean pots and vessels. This feature of a pull-out faucet comes in handy when you are trying to clean the corners of the sink or trying to get rid of tough stains in a pot. They mostly come in a sleek metallic design, making them a versatile choice. It gives you full control and gives a modern and sophisticated look to your sink bowl.
  2. Pull down kitchen faucet: This faucet is best suited for deep sink bowls. The elongated neck of the faucet makes it look stylish. The base of a pull-down faucet can rotate 180 or 360 degrees, giving you the choice to direct the water stream wherever needed. The water flows in a straight stream in such a faucet. People often confuse this type of faucet with the pull-out faucet. Both may look similar but differ in functionality. The pull-down kitchen faucet does not come with a detachable sprayer head, this being the main difference from the pullout kitchen faucet. The
  3.  allows you to rotate the base to your convenience when cleaning vegetables or dishes.
  4. Two-handle faucet: The two handle style of faucet is a traditional style but it is coming back in vogue among people, thanks to their inclination towards a vintage style. If the theme of your home decor is vintage, this type of faucet may appeal to you. The two different handles are for cold and hot water. You turn them one at a time to use either hot or cold water. You can also use both at the same time for lukewarm water if your faucet comes with a mixer. They are usually set closer to the sink bowl and do not provide too much mobility. Some designs may offer a longer neck, giving it some height and elevating the look. If you are someone who does not use the kitchen sinks intensively, this type of faucet shouldn’t be a problem.
  5. Touch sensor faucet: The most modern one yet, the touchless faucet is a tech-obsessed home owner’s dream. This is a cool faucet to have in your kitchen that gets people talking. This type of faucet comes with an in-built sensor that can sense movements near it. Once a movement is detected, almost instantly the tap starts working and the water starts flowing from the spout. The water automatically stops when the sensor does not sense any presence near it. These faucets look sleek and futuristic and will go perfectly in a minimalist themed kitchen. Not only are they fashionable, but they also offer functionality that is at par with other faucets.
  6. Commercial faucet: If you are a professional chef or wish to work as one in your own kitchen, the commercial style of faucets might be a good choice for you. These faucets offer a high degree of functionality and add a unique accent to your kitchen. This faucet comes with a fixed tap, a sprayer, and a long, flexible neck giving you the liberty to use it however you want to. It is super heavy duty making it ideal for someone who uses the kitchen sinks intensively, like in a commercial kitchen. This will attract plenty of attention as it is an unusual yet unique choice of a faucet for a home and will surely make you look like a serious chef.