Top 5 Brand Of Bathroom Faucets Made In the USA

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When investing in bathroom hardware, opting for faucets fabricated domestically often ensures better value and availability of replacement parts down the road. Skilled American manufacturing also typically prioritizes durability. 

In this article, we spotlight five premier bath fixture brands designing and assembling their products locally in the USA.

Bathroom Faucet Brands – Top 5 Picks

Here are five of the best bathroom faucet brands available in the USA:

1. Wangel

Wangel strikes an ideal balance between scintillating European design and robust American build quality. Each element of their faucets, from solid brass bodies to ceramic disc valves, takes shape at high-quality facilities utilizing advanced machining and finishing techniques.

Wangel’s stateside production employs precision-cast components hard-coated to prevent corrosion and mineral buildup. Their contemporary styles, available in matte black, polished chrome, brushed gold, and more, integrate cross or lever handles with matching shower trim. Industrial-grade finishes withstand moisture and everyday wear and tear.

For a sustainable bath suite that saves water without sacrificing performance, Wangel’s innovative showerheads and faucets deliver. Their quality domestic construction ensures easy maintenance and fewer callbacks. 

2. American Standard 

With 140 years of perfecting kitchen and bathware in the U.S., American Standard established itself as a household name by pioneering new materials and manufacturing methods. Although the brand now operates globally, their domestic heritage permeates their designs.

Many American Standard faucet collections clearly reflect turn-of-the-century styling updated with modern finishes and features. Choices range from Victorian cross handles to sleek single-lever arches. Top-tier sinks and tubs round out their assortments.

3. Kohler 

Hailing from Wisconsin, Kohler nurtured its reputation for innovation and craftsmanship over the past century. Generations growing up with their fixtures in homes and businesses recognize Kohler as a preeminent plumbing brand. Their design studio continually redefines style trends across bath hardware.

Beyond looks, Kohler’s U.S. division applies rigorous testing to ensure products withstand heavy usage across hospitality and residential spaces. Their expansive faucet catalog runs the gamut from vintage cross handles to minimalist high arcs. Kohler also offers coordinating sinks, surrounds, and fixtures.

4. Moen 

As one of the largest domestic plumbing brands, Moen connects U.S. homes with thoughtfully engineered kitchen and bath products priced for value. Their faucets proudly display “Designed and Assembled in USA” markings as a testament to their domestic roots.

Available styles range from single-handle low arcs to two-handle widespread configurations with matching shower components. Moen utilizes mostly brass components topped with beautiful chrome, bronze and metallic powder coat finishes. Their bath suites feature coordinated accessories.

5. Chicago Faucets

With origins supplying fixtures for Chicago’s great early skyscrapers, Chicago Faucets built a reputation for fabricating heavy-duty hardware capable of meeting commercial demands. Their domestic facilities assemble industrial-style faucets designed first for longevity and performance rather than aesthetics.

Brass and zinc alloys treated to resist corrosion allow these products to endure over a million use cycles. Chicago Faucet tests faucets to double the industry norm for longevity. Even basic single-handle models stand ready for decades of constant use.


When selecting bathroom fixtures designed and built to last, quality American manufacturing remains a smart bet. While respected heritage brands like Kohler and Moen carry on their domestic production prowess, popular newcomer Wangel stands apart. 

For a bath suite that responsibly nurtures water conservation without compromising performance or longevity, discover Wangel’s distinctive collections today. Your home’s next focal point awaits!

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