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Are you not getting the most out of your shower experience? Many bathrooms are equipped with outdated single faucets or cramped stall showers that simply don’t measure up. However, there’s an easy way to elevate your shower into a spa-like retreat: install shower mixer taps. 

  • Mixer taps blend hot and cold for precise temperature control
  • They enable indulgent shower options like body sprays
  • Well-made mixers are long-lasting and improve bathroom aesthetics

These components blend hot and cold water with precision, allowing you to enjoy the perfect temperature every time, along with luxurious features like rainfall shower heads. High-quality mixers also offer impressive durability and style.

Is A Mixer Shower Right For Me?

If you’re dealing with weak water flow that fluctuates between extreme temperatures, battling hard water buildup, or simply feel underwhelmed by your current shower, a mixer system could vastly improve your bathing experience.

While they require more involved installation than a standard shower head, mixers offer superior temperature regulation, invigorating water pressure and ample opportunities for customization. In essence, they transform your shower from a routine task into a refreshing self-care ritual.

Shower Mixer Taps – Key Advantages

Here are a few reasons why investing in shower mixer taps is a rational decision:

  1. Precise Temperature Control 

We’ve all experienced the frustration of finally achieving the perfect water temperature, only for it to become scolding hot or ice cold when another fixture is turned on. Mixer showers integrate thermostatic controls that continuously monitor and adjust the hot/cold ratio to maintain your preset temperature within a degree or two – no more surprises.

  1. Convenience and Ease of Use

Rather than struggling to balance two separate hot and cold knobs, mixer taps make it simple to dial in your ideal temperature with a single handle or lever control. This convenience enhances safety for young children and elderly bathers as well.

  1. Space-Saving Design

Since there is just one inset mixer valve rather than protruding faucets, these showers have a streamlined, minimalist profile that opens up the space. You’ll enjoy a roomier, less cluttered shower area.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Speaking of looks, mixer taps come in tons of chic modern finishes like matte black, brass, nickel and more to complement your decor style. You can also glam them up with rainfall shower heads, body sprays, hand shower accessories and more for a total spa-worthy vibe.

  1. Durable and Long-lasting

While bargain shower heads are prone to clogs, leaks and corrosion within a few years, well-made mixer sets from reputable brands are engineered for decades of reliable performance. With durable brass components and premium ceramic cartridges, they are an investment that pays off through extended service life.

What Are The Types Of Mixer Showers?

While all mixer showers blend hot and cold water for temperature control, there are several categories that offer varying degrees of adjustability and performance:

  1. Thermostatic Mixers

This premium style ensures the highest level of temperature precision and safety. The thermostatic element constantly monitors and fine-tunes the mixture to maintain your preset temperature within 5°F. Thermostatic mixers also incorporate anti-scald technology to prevent any sudden bursts of hot or cold water for maximum security.

  1. Pressure Balancing Mixers

These mixer valves detect fluctuations in the incoming hot and cold water pressure levels and automatically rebalance the mixture ratio to maintain a steady output temperature. This helps compensate for temperature swings caused by other fixtures or appliances turning on.

  1. Non-Concentric Mixers

More commonly used with tank or tankless water heaters, these mixers blend the hot and cold supplies together, then let you adjust the final temperature using the faucet handle. While effective, they don’t offer the tight precision and control of thermostatic or pressure-balanced systems.

Personalized Showering Experience

By virtue of precisely controlling temperature, flow rate and water pressure, shower mixers unlock a wealth of possibilities for customizing your ideal showering experience beyond just setting the perfect degree.

With their advanced mixing capabilities, mixers seamlessly incorporate luxurious options such as:

  • Overhead rain-shower heads for an invigorating rainfall effect
  • Handheld shower attachments for bathing children or pets
  • Vertical body sprays and massaging jets for hydro-massage
  • Multiple shower heads/sprays for full immersion experiences
  • Pause drain functions to reduce water waste
  • Integrated shelving and storage for toiletries

And since most quality mixer sets coordinate all hardware and accessories in your choice of finish, it’s simple to create a cohesive, stylish look throughout your bathroom.


Wangel shower tap

Upgrading to a premium shower mixer system can utterly transform your bathing experience from a mundane daily task into a refreshing, indulgent ritual you actually look forward to. With their superior temperature control, robust water flow, integrated safety features and seemingly limitless options for customization, mixer showers represent a wise investment that enhances your daily self-care.

Of course, not all shower mixers are created equal. For top-tier quality, innovative designs and products that truly deliver on all the benefits, look no further than Wangel's exceptional line of shower mixers, coordinated fixtures and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions – Faqs

How do I maintain my mixer shower’s performance?

Over time, mineral buildup can diminish water flow and pressure. Using a shower head cleaning solution monthly and having the cartridge professionally serviced annually will help remove clogs and maintain peak performance.

Are shower mixer taps suitable for bathrooms?

Absolutely. Mixers dramatically improve temperature control, water flow and showering luxuries compared to basic tub/shower combos. They are an excellent upgrade for any bathroom remodel.

How long do quality shower mixer taps last?

With proper care, premium stainless steel and brass mixers can provide over 20 years of reliable service. In contrast, cheaper plastic units may only last 5-10 years before developing leaks or issues.

Are mixer taps better than single taps?

Yes. Single hot and cold taps make it extremely difficult to achieve and maintain the perfect temperature and water pressure balance for a comfortable shower. Mixer taps offer vastly more precision, control and overall enjoyment.

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