WANGEL 35166-L1-B Thermostatic Bathroom Shower Set With Shower,Black

If you want to choose a good quality Shower Enclosure, go ahead in this article to find out the best manufacturer for Shower Enclosure. We are from Wangle, and we are one of the most successful manufacturers for Shower Enclosures. We believe in our customer’s satisfaction if we give the best quality of Shower Enclosures. That’s why we manufacture the most appropriate and cost-effective Shower Enclosures at Wangle.

Types Of Shower Enclosures:

We manufacture various types of Shower Enclosures at Wangle, and we will discuss some of the examples that we use to make to meet the requirements of our customers. The following are the types of Shower Enclosures that we manufacture. We focus on the design and attractive Shower Enclosures that our customers need.

Rectangular Shower Enclosure:

Square Shower Enclosures are specially designed for people who required more space in their shower area. They are the most suitable type of Shower Enclosures that can be best suited for your bathroom. We have various sizes in rectangular Shower Enclosure, that can be fitted with your bathroom.

Tile-Glass Combination:

A combination of tile and glasses to your shower area magnifies the appearance of your bathroom. This Shower Enclosure is a combination of Tiles and Glasses to make your bathroom modern and attractive. It adds values to your bathroom and looks aesthetic in design, tile, and glasses combo comes with various sizes of crystals and Colors of tiles.

Glass Block Sliders:

You can say that it’s a type of sliding door. Thai enclosures come with two of the doors and blocks, you can close one block near the shower area, and others can be opened. It doesn’t have any limits of Colors and a combination of glasses and glasses blocks. It comes with a variety of colors, sizes of blocks, and design appropriate to your bathroom. These Shower Enclosures are the Best Suite for your bathroom.

Entrance Of Shower Enclosures:

Shower enclosure has one access or double door entrances. It doesn’t require more places. Just like some standard cases of double doors, it has two sliders. Both the sliders are movable, and they can be opened from both sides. Some coupe love to keep their doors and enclosures like this. Because it gives modern looks to your bathroom.

Hinged Shower Enclosures:

Hinged Shower Enclosures are standard doors with a minimum of modern facilities. They don’t differ from pivoted doors. They have doors that are held by pivots. It gives a much wider space to the shower area. If you wish to choose your Shower Enclosures of this type, you can see lots of space available to your bathroom. However, they are not about to convert your bathroom into a modern facility bathroom. Because it doesn’t give aesthetic looks and appearance to your bathroom.


If you are looking for the best Shower Enclosure for your bathroom, feel free to contact us at Wangle. We are a manufacturer of modern and standard design shower enclosure that can highlight your bathroom and improve its productivity by making it look awesome.