What Are Most Bathroom Cabinets Made Of?


The bathroom is a place where we store all the toiletries along with grooming items. In order to safely store all these things, one needs storage space.

This is where bathroom vanity or cabinets come into the picture. No matter what size or type of bathroom you have, cabinets are a must.

It is a space where you can safely keep all the towels, medicines, first aid kit, bathing products, toilet paper, etc. 

These cabinets are made of different materials. However, you need to choose the material very carefully as the moisture levels in the bathroom are pretty high.

If you go with a material that cannot sustain water damage, the cabinets will not last for a long time. You will get plenty of material options when it comes to bathroom vanity.

If you want to know more about bathroom cabinets and the material they are made up of, then follow this article.

What Are Bathroom Cabinets?

A bathroom cabinet is primarily a cabinet of some sort in a bathroom, normally utilized to store bathroom accessories, hygiene items, and even sometimes medicines for special. 

Bathroom cabinets are most commonly placed above sinks, over baths, or even above toilets. They can be found in wood, metal, and even plastic vanities. 

You should try to find the best-looking cabinet you can that matches your bathroom’s style and the other items and amenities you have in there as well.

Whichever type of bathroom cabinet or vanity you choose, make sure that you have enough space to open all the doors and drawers when you are using them.

Bathroom Cabinet Material Types:

Here are some of the most common materials used for making bathroom cabinets. The majority of the bathroom cabinets are made using these materials.

  • Solid Wood: It is one of the most common types of material used to build bathroom cabinets. You can choose different types of wood for cabinets like oak, birch, maple, etc. This type of bathroom cabinet is strong, durable, and can stand moisture as well. Most of the cabinets are made of this material. 
  • Particle Board: This is another common material used for bathroom cabinets. It is a composite material that comprises wooden particles. Wood particles and glue is mixed together and heated to make particle boards. It is less expensive but not as durable as solid wood. 
  • Medium Density Fireboard (MDF): It is made of wood and composite fiber. Wax is used to joint these materials together to make bathroom cabinets. It is an alternative to solid wood. There is nearly 30% wood in this material. It is cheap but really aesthetic. 
  • Plywood: This material is widely used in building furniture. It is also used to make bathroom cabinets. It is a cheap and affordable alternative to solid wood. If your budget is low, you can choose this material. It is highly durable as well.
  • Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC): It is a type of plastic material that is used to make bathroom cabinets. It is a non-wood material and is commonly used in bathrooms. It is cost-effective, waterproof, and durable and makes the bathroom looks attractive.
  • Rubberwood: This is another wooden material used to make bathroom cabinets. This wood is obtained from the rubber tree and is used for strong and eco-friendly bathroom cabinets. It helps to fight moisture along with heat as well as cold. 

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