4 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sink

Remodeling or installing kitchen sinks involves a lot of tasks to keep in mind. In this article, we share the top 4 important questions for you to consider before buying one.

1. Where Will You Use the Kitchen Sink?

Determining where you will install the kitchen sink before buying one is important.

To start, identify your prospected kitchen sink sizes.

You’ll need a bigger and wider indoor kitchen sink for your wet kitchen to accommodate a lot of tasks, such as cleaning your raw food and washing your large pots and pans. 

With these tasks in mind, you’ll probably even need a deep kitchen sink.

Meanwhile, you only need a small outdoor kitchen sink for your dry kitchen to accommodate simple cleaning tasks.

2. What Type of Kitchen Sink Do You Want?

The type of kitchen sink may not matter or bother some homeowners, but the primary difference between under-mount and top-mount kitchen sinks is their lip placement.

The lip of the sink is the rim that extends on its edges that you can typically see resting on the countertop.

Top-mount kitchen sink

Top-mount kitchen sinks are the type where the lip is visible on the surface of your countertop. 

It’s easier and cheaper to install and replace than any kitchen sink type.

Under-mount kitchen sink

In an under-mount kitchen sink, the lip is below the bench top, which is not visible.

This type of kitchen sink looks more stylish and sleek but requires a professional plumbing service since it’s a complicated installation.

3. What Kitchen Sink Material Do You Prefer?

The most readily available type in the market is stainless steel kitchen sinks because of their durability and easy maintenance.

Plus, this type of material is resistant to corrosion and rust due to its chromium layer.

If you like to explore other options, you can try the copper kitchen sink or the sleekier but costly type – porcelain kitchen sink.

However, there are cheaper alternatives in the market when it comes to kitchen fixtures.

You can go for luxurious finishes like a gold kitchen sink, white kitchen sink, or black kitchen sink to add a little bit of drama to your space.

4. What Kitchen Sink Accessories Should I Get?

You may not find some kitchen sink accessories necessary, but it pays to learn what they are used for. Here’s a quick breakdown: 

Kitchen sink strainer

A kitchen sink strainer prevents food scraps and debris from going down the drain and clogging your kitchen sink. 

Kitchen sink splash guard

A kitchen sink splash guard prevents your clothes from getting wet when you turn the faucet on.

Kitchen sink water filter

A kitchen sink water filter is located under the sink and comes in a system that takes in water and pumps it through an initial filter, reducing the presence of sediments like rust and dirt, chlorine odors, and unpleasant taste.

Kitchen sink with drainboard

A kitchen sink drainboard is for draining or drying your food which conveniently allows water to go directly into the sink.

Kitchen sink stopper

A kitchen sink stopper is a plug that fits into the drain and closes it to keep water in the basin or sink. 

Kitchen Sinks for Sale

If you are looking for a kitchen sink manufacturer, Wangel can help you produce top-quality basins for your business, including kitchen sink parts and accessories such as kitchen faucets, automatic waste disposers, and many more.

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