How Do I Find My Bathroom Faucet’s Manufacturer?

A Bathroom Faucet

If you’re looking to replace your bathroom faucet, you’ll need to identify the brand or model number.

Here are some helpful methods to identify your bathroom faucet’s brand or manufacturer.

Checking Your Faucet’s Brand Logo

Step 1: Clean the faucet handles 

Spray the faucet and handles with a good-quality glass cleaner to clean the dirt and grime covering the faucet’s brand name or logo.

Step 2: Wipe the dirt off with a cloth or rag

Look at the faucet and handles and find words or shapes that may help you identify a particular brand.

Step 3: Look for the faucet parts using a flashlight

Some faucet brand names and logos can be really tiny.

Other faucet brand names or logos are also located at unnoticeable parts of the product. 

To get a better search of the faucet, use a flashlight to closely find the logo, name, or any identification.

It could be located at the curves of the faucet or the handles. 

Step 4: Look for the model number, too

Not all faucet brands indicate model numbers on the product.

But should there be any, it can help you massively, especially if you’re looking for a replacement. 

If you find a number on the surface of your faucet, try searching the model number online. It may direct you to the brand or manufacturer’s webpage.

Step 5: Look for the user manual

If you recently bought the faucet, look for the user manual, instruction booklet, or a small informational packet for more data. 

Other Ways to Find Your Faucet’s Manufacturer

#1: Check beneath the sink

You may find a label attached to the supply line below your sink, which contains basic information like manufacturer name, model number, size, type, color, and other product specifications.

#2. Disassemble your faucet handle

Method 1: Look for the model number on the faucet

Step 1: Turn off the water supply

Step 2: Pull the cap off from the top of the handle

Step 3: Unscrew

Step 4: Lift the handle straight up once the screw loosens

Step 5: Look for the model number beneath the handle

Method 2: Counting the Splines

While your faucet handle is disassembled, look for the broach on the stem.

The broach is located at the top of the stem and fits into the bottom of the faucet handle.

Faucet manufacturers use different numbers of spines on the broach for identification or branding purposes.

Step 1: Count the number of splines (gear notches or pointed ridges) on the broach

Step 2: Mark a spline using a black or red marker to accurately count the splines

Step 3: Look up the number of splines online to see the manufacturer of your faucet

Method 3: Measuring the Stem

Using a measuring tool, identify the length of the stem.

This method will also help you identify the brand or manufacturer of your faucet. 

Here are some common spline and broach combinations with their corresponding manufacturers:

Brand or ManufacturerNumber of SplinesStem Length
Milwaukee, Royal Brass, Speakman, Sterling, American Standard, Chicago, Concinnity, Gerber, Price Pfister, Symmons, Zurn4-point square broach
Briggs8-point broach
Crane Dialeze, Michigan Brass, Wolverine12-point broach0.335″
Arrowhead, Artistic Brass, Harcraft, Glauber, Price Pfister, Scoville, Universal Brass12-point broach0.375″
Bradley, Elkay, Fisher, Sears, Universal Rundle12-point  broach0.39″
Symmons12-point broach0.415″
Crane, Symmons12-point broach0.485″
Santec, Savoy, Wolverine15-point broach0.360″
Gerber, Sayco16-point  broach

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