WANGEL 35166-L1-B Thermostatic Bathroom Shower Set With Shower,Black

A shower is a very important part of your house because you use it every day. Every day you on the shower and off the shower. So the shower must be in good quality so that you use it every day. So there are people who ask questions like how does a shower work. So now you will know about how it works.

Shower Trim

Shower trim is the controller from where you control the flow of water. If you want to on you, turn it in the direction to on. So the controller is known as shower trim. People think that it just turn on and off the water. But it also adjusts the temperature you want. So before turning it on if you want warm water. You can adjust the setting and then turn on the trim. You can also control the pressure of water by adjusting it in the correct direction. So if you want to purchase a new, you can visit the site from where you can buy. And another one is that you can go directly to the market and purchase.

Suppose you see the variety of showers. You will mostly see the single-handed shower. Because in two shower hands. One shower hand is for cold water. And the second shower hand is for the hot water. So in some cases, it is not good to use because it can damage the property. So people mostly prefer single-handed. And the shop keepers also keep single-handed more. There are many different types of shower, which comes in various shapes and also sizes. You can select any according to your choice when you purchase a shower faucet. The faucet will come with shower head, and shower trims both. So it is like buying the two things together. Some people say as shower set also.

Diverter Valves

It is a thing of a shower, which is behind the wall. It is located before the shower trim. When you turn on the shower trim to get water, the diverter pushes the water to come out. There are many different types of diverter, which works differently.


The thing which connects shower trim and showerhead and in between diverter is known as shower valves. They are like pipes so the water will come and go out of a showerhead. Valves can also control the water by turning it on and off. It also controls the water temperature. So if you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom, so mainly focus on shower trim. See the quality and how it works. Did people like it or not as you know if you purchase a set. You will get the showerhead and shower trim. So they will be together and similar colours and finishes because it is made from the same company only.

So in a simple way when you turn the water trim in a direction from which the water will flow in the pipe. So by turning it on the water pulled from the water storage. It pulled through pressure. So when it is pulled the water will go in two ways. The first way will be for cold water. And the second way is to warm the water. And in the end, the two ways from which the different temperature water will come out meet each other. And it comes out from the showerhead. So before you on the shower trim. You will select which temperature of water you want. And when you have selected the temperature. The diverter will give the correct direction for the water to flow. 

Important Information

When you purchase a valve, remember to see how much pressure it will give to the water. You can select the water pressure according to yourself. Because in the world ever one is not same. Some people like low pressure. And some like medium or high pressure. So before you purchase you have to know the information about how the shower works. And what is suitable for you. You can make a list of things you want. The showerhead comes in many sizes. And also shapes.

When you purchase, you can also see the different pores of the shower. So the water can come in a different way like if you want the water to come out in a straight place. You can adjust it so if you want more place to come water out. The water will come as if it is a fountain-like all the place. There are shower heads which you can change the direction of the showerhead. Mainly every one purchase this type of showerhead. So you can easily adjust it from which direction you want the water to come out, and that’s it.

Now you can also see many shower faucets which are in many different colours. Before mostly it was with no colour. So if you like to shower with colours, you can also purchase. But before you fit the new shower head and the shower trim. Please call a plumber for that. There are people who think that they can handle things easily. We are telling you because it can be dangerous. In some cases, the water can become too hot because of the wrong fittings. And there are many different problems which can be caused by wrong fittings.

The best solution to fit it is with the help of a plumber. They will fit properly because they have a good experience in these type of things. So now you know how the shower works. Behind the wall also. So go now and purchase a good one which is suitable for your bathroom. There are many good companies which give you a warranty for the product which you buy. Mainly focus on warranty products because it will give you many different types of benefits. When you but a shower without warranty. And if it is not working properly so what will you do now. So the best thing is to buy a good warranty.