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Why Choose Wangel For Your Basin Faucet?

Wangel’s 304 stainless steel basin faucet features a lifespan of up to 1 million cycles of constant flow pressure and energy-saving ceramic valve core and rust resistance, passing a 240-hour salt spray test.



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What are the polishing grades for faucets?

Wangel manufactures Grade 6 basin faucets, creating a polished and mirror-like finish and ensuring quality and operational sustainability.


Wangel’s basin faucets adhere to the highest plating grade test of 240 hours. The thicker the plating layer and longer the test becomes, the better the corrosion resistance.

Wangel-Patented Constant Pressure and Energy-Saving Flow Valve Core

Wangel utilizes a ceramic valve core to ensure strong wear and corrosion resistance, especially since this component is the heart of a faucet. This patented valve core can withstand a significant number of usage cycles exceeding 1 million operations.

Main Faucet Materials

The main materials of faucets are 304 stainless steel,  zinc alloy and brass

Mounting Hardware Set

The common materials used for faucet mounting hardware sets include corrosion-resistant brass, durable stainless steel, and cost-effective plastic.

The purpose of the faucet mounting hardware set is to ensure a secure connection between the faucet and the water pipe, preventing loosening or any detachments. This ensures the safety and longevity of the faucet.


The material of the faucet base is typically brass or 304 stainless steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance and durability for an extended lifespan compared to plastic bases that tend to have lower durability.


A faucet is assembled from dozens of different components. Here, we will show you how the price of a faucet is determined by its composition.

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Most frequent questions and answers

A valve core is known as the heart of the faucet. It determines the overall quality, including water flow, pressure, and temperature.

The different types of faucet valve cores are rubber cores, ceramic valve cores, and stainless steel valve cores.

A rubber valve core is a slow-opening type that is mostly used as spiral-opening cast iron faucets, which are not used very often today due to shorter service life and proneness to water leakage. 

However, faucet cartridge manufacturers have innovated various models for a more durable and efficient lifespan.

A ceramic valve core is a fast-opening type also known as a mixer tap valve cartridge.


This valve core can withstand over 500,000 opening and closing cycles which helps consumers save from expensive repair costs.


Ceramic valve cores are resistant to wear and high temperatures because of their high tensile strength, preventing leakage.


It is most suitable for environmentally friendly lifestyles and has become one of the most popular faucet cartridges on the market.

A stainless steel valve core is a relatively new model in the market. 


Unlike ceramic valve cores, stainless steel valve cores do not require high-quality water to last a long time.

Instead, it is even more suitable for poor water quality.


Stainless steel valve cores are also easy to maintain and clean without the need to hire professional services.

However, since this type is new, it can be rare to find affordable stainless steel valve cores.

A valve core for a single-handled faucet is made up of the following:

  • valve housing
  • valve stick
  • base mount
  • switching control valve
  • valve seat
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