Wangel Group
Brand Profile
Wangel Group
Born in 1986, as an independent research and development brand, is a rising star in modern sanitary ware brands. Nowaday, Wangel Group has its own factories in China, Spanish, Danmark, and Uzbekistan, and our customers speard over Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. In the future, we will cast a truly world-renowed “world brand”!
Brand History
Wangel Group born
Wangel opened the first experience center.
Wangel expanded in the global market, and it was the first year when the sales exceeded 10 million dollars.
Opened the first brand experience center in Russia, entered major high-end malls in Russia, and Founded the Wangel Bathroom Accessories Manufacturing Base.
Wangel began to be the local brand by establishing the first warehouse in Chile, South America. Became the the local preffered sanitary ware brand for refine decoration.
the project called “American Brand, Made in Europe, Civilian Price” to offer Chinese customers highly cost-effective sanitary products.
Wangel’s Epoch-Making Intelligent Embedded Wine Cabinets and Refrigerators that can keep constant temperature and humidity went on the Chinese market.
Wangel Water Purification Series, that took Wangel seven years to research and develop, became avaliable to provide customers with a complete set of solutions about healthy drinking and using water.
Wangel built up the Asia-Pacific Sales Center – Wangel (Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. in Shanghai Qu Wo Experience Center, which was the tenth experience center in China, opened up.